The Apocablitz$

(currently running at UCB Hell's Kitchen!)

In the wake of the apocalypse, only a few assholes survive. But why them...?


In conjunction with Boost Mobile*, UCBTNY's house sketch team Nipsey brings you “The Apocablitz."


*Boost Mobile doesn't know about this show 

Pure...Like Rose 

When washed up private eye Nicholas Finger gets accused of murder, only his secretary Penny is left to clear his name. Hahahahahaha! But she's just a woman and you can't spell female without FML! Right, fellas? For the first time since 1942, UCBTNY's house sketch team Nipsey presents the classic Film Noir Pure...Like Rose

Vape Lyfe 

As a father/daughter duo, Albert and Corinne work great. As co-owners of a cigar store-turned-vape shop, they've got a lot to learn! And when the big Vape Expo comes to town Darcy, Gayle, and Heath have kooky ideas about how to make waves! Nipsey presents an episode of the original multi-cam sitcom "Vape Lyfe."


Did you know sketch comedy is a science? Science is everywhere, a drop of water that slowly evaporates and goes back into the atmosphere. That's science. Energy being passed around as matter pulls itself apart. That's also science. The way you’re always late for work because of “MTA trouble” and not because you hit snooze 12 times, you’re still drunk, you put on 2 shirts instead of pants, and then you waited in line for a skinny Caffe Misto even though it was already 9:25? Science, too. As I said before, it's everywhere. So, come join Nipsey on an exploration of science as Nipsey Presents: SCIENCE!